Individual music therapy for children and adolescents

Music therapy is used with children and adolescents at different stages of development disorders, as well
as during typical development – early development, pre-school period, for overcoming both academic and
social-personal difficulties during the school period.
The individual music therapy process focuses on strong points of therapy recipient, improvement of deficit
fields on the basis of the existed resources. During the music therapy process the spontaneous self-
expression and interaction through music occurs.

Refined and large motor skills, cognitive functions,
tongue and speech, both receptive and expressive, concentration ability, retention impulse, behavior and
emotion self-regulation impulse, ability to play together are improved during the therapeutic process.
Social awareness and competence are improved, thresholds of sensor perception are normalized and
etc. In case of adolescents, it has very good results with regard to affect regulation, reduction of impulse
behavior, it also works well with deviant and abnormal behaviors, bullying problem – both with the subject
and the object. It should be noted that musical education, talent or possession of any musical instrument
is not required for involvement into the music therapy process.