Group music therapy for children and adolescents

The purposes of group music therapy are set in accordance with the specifics of the group. The group
mediator is the main music therapist during the music therapy process. Co-therapist renders the
assistance to music therapist. Generally, the group is staffed by children or adolescents with minimal
readiness for inclusion into the group. Purposeful activities for individual-social sphere improvement,
communication skills development and social competence enhancement are carried out during the music

Such important functions as are attention, memory, motor skills, joint game skills, impulse
retention and etc. are trained while performing various activities. Group therapy allows the group
members to enter into music relations with each other. Self-defence strategies of the group members are
developed and they learn about their space during the process. Group members recognize each other in
accordance with personal qualities, thus improving their self-confidence and positively affecting self-
assessment. Recognition of other members makes children better demonstrate and express themselves,
simplifying their communication with peers and adults.