Our History

“Bekari” is the first Georgian-German Music Therapy Center in Georgia and the Transcaucasia based on
music treatment method. In October of 2020 year the Center was founded by Ms. Nana Gotua, the Chief
of Corporate Social Responsibility at “Smart Capital Group” and Ms. Marina Raidt-Altunashvili, the
Psychotherapist, Music-therapist and Oncotherapist in Germany. Since the foundation of the Center,
many people have been able to get highly professional, music therapy of European quality.

Our Valuables

We do believe that each person has an infinite wealth and indefinite resources of feelings, thoughts,
ideas, knowledge and abilities and despite the current difficulties, each person can attain healthy,
balances and productive life. We also believe that there is a kind of “musical child” in each person and the
use of music in therapeutic way for achieving the better life quality has the greatest power.

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Our Mission & Goal

Introduction, implementation of music therapy in Georgia and increasing public access to it. The goal of the Center is to care for mental health of individuals and groups. Increasing the degree of general well-being of individuals and society and achieving the harmonious functioning of these spheres by improving physical, psychological and social spheres.